Our position: Flexible working hours for event catering

The inflexible daily maximum working time in the applicable labor law of eight regularly, in exceptional cases a maximum of ten hours in our opinion is no longer timely. Therefore we join the standard of DEHOGA and Mittelstandsallianz for an adaptation of the working time law to the modern reality of life.

Flexibility in the modern world is a must for us

With this requirement we take into account the fact that flexibility is indispensable in today's event catering. Only with it present, can we meet guests, employees and entrepreneurial wishes in the modern world.

In concrete terms, this means changing the law of the working hours from a daily to a weekly maximum working time. In this way, working hours could be divided more individually on the days of the week. A contemporary and flexible solution for the catering sector, as it already exists for other sectors and is foreseen by the European Working Time Directive.

More freedom for our employees

Flexibilization of the total working time is something we are concerned with. As part of the desired change, health protection, protection of minors, minimum rest periods and the freedom of choice of our employees, should have the usual high priority.

Our employees also demand this flexibility. Many of them want longer and fewer working days. They want to decide for themselves on which days they work how many hours, in order to be able to shape their life and their free time according to their individual wishes. We want to meet this wish.