Leading Catering Companies in Germany

Members of the LECA

Do you want to become a LECA member?

If you are one of the leading catering companies in Germany, then you can apply to become a member of the LECA. The LECA membership is a seal of quality and therefore the admission is subject to qualitative conditions. LECA wants to make sure that all LECA members have the same high quality standards for their work.

You can view the quality criteria of LECA here: Download quality criteria (PDF)

Member of the FAMAB

The LECA forms an independent group within the FAMAB e.V. The FAMAB is the interdisciplinary association for companies in the MICE industry. Membership of LECA requires membership in FAMAB. Click here for the registration conditions of the FAMAB.

The FAMAB-LECA quality criteria can be found here: Download FAMAB-LECA quality criteria (PDF)