Quality in Catering

Catering is a very complex service whose quality can only be partially recognized by the tangible result. The processes behind the finished dish on the plate contribute as well to the high-quality overall result as the careful preparation of the high-quality meals. The LECA members are committed to putting the highest quality demands on their own work across all process stages.

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Caterer of the Year, FAMAB Award winner, several first places in the Blach Report and many other awards have already been received by LECA members. The catering companies of the LECA participate actively and regularly in awards and competitions by the event industry. In doing so, they want to uphold the benchmark for the industry and have their services judged neutrally by specialist juries.

The customer decides

Ultimately, the customer decides whether he was satisfied with the quality of his catering company. Therefore, the customers opinion is the most important yardstick for all LECA members to assess their own performance. The customers of the LECA members are surveyed via regular and sometimes continuous monitoring, and the results are evaluated neutrally and independently.