Rauschenberger. Everything for the big moment.
Giving our guests "Great Moments" is the title of our gastronomic vision. We have a firm conviction: the best moments come from personal encounters. Whether as a guest of our restaurants or as a client of a catering event, we do everything to ensure that you can really enjoy the time in good company. For very special moments that you would like to remember.

Great moments thanks to the Rauschenberger Excellence principle.
To fulfill this claim, we must be the masters of the details. Everything has to be right, tailored to the respective occasion. The quality of the kitchen, attentive service, and an extraordinary, yet harmonious ambience - in all its facets. Not every day is made for big moments, we know that. But to strive after that is a nice thing, for which we have developed our Excellence Principle.

Hosts with passion.
The very personal contact with our customers is as much a matter of the heart as it is to our employees. Currently, 295 full-time employees, including 68 trainees and more than 300 marginally employed, look after the well-being of their guests. In order to use almost exclusively our own employees, we have founded the Rauschenberger Academy. This focuses on the professional education and training as well as personal development of the team.

Book the Concept - Sophisticated event catering concepts for a lasting experience.
Even people who have already seen a lot want to be surprised and thrilled again. Especially for these guests, we always create new concepts. Food innovation, bar culture and sounds meet in a special atmosphere. The ideas can be individually adapted to the number and needs of the guests as well as realized in almost every location. Designed in every detail, you aim to create a very special experience in which all senses are actually addressed. Your event will thus be permanently remembered by the guests.

Nationwide - and beyond - there for you.
The right part at the right time at the right place. Sounds easy, but it is not. Decisive for the success of your event is a sophisticated logistics. In particular, the non-food sector, ie catering equipment, decoration and technology, is of great importance. We assume that we have complete equipment. But more important is how well the logistical processes are established. Great experience and an efficient, IT-supported process control ensure safety here.


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Facts and figures

Founded in 1982
Employees: 295 full-time employees (including 68 apprentices) plus more than 300 marginally employed persons. Stand 01/2018.

Leaders Club Award 2005
Herforder Price - Gastronomer of the Year 2006
Top Employer 2008, 2012, 2014


Quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001: 2008 in connection with the standard for food safety (HACCP)
Organic certification according to EC eco-regulation


Rauschenberger Catering & Restaurants
Schaflandstraße 6
70736 Fellbach

T. +49 711 / 55340-555
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